Friday, June 23, 2006

June 23

The day started with a dark sky. Not much heat, not a bigger chance of rain either. Main Street is not dead, yet. I am still loving it. The thought of leaving is just make me sad. But there's no chance to be sad today. Not a chance. I continue to read Searching for God Knows What by Donald Miller. Several pages while I was eating breakfast. A couple of phone calls, so many messages on the phone, mostly old friends and relatives. Lia called. My dear Lia ten thousand miles away. I am so touched with that. I dreamed about her the last two weeks. Our friendship is just priceless. It's the connection and acceptance to be just who each of us are that connect us throughout the years. We've been friends for more seven years, now. My lotus grew by two inches. I finish the assignment in two minutes. Why suddenly I have so much free time after I finished the article? The article on Citybeat is just doesn't make sense. Why won't art attract people? If no one is not attracted to art anymore, then it's not just the neighborhood that died. The city is. But I don't believe that this city is dying. I thank God for everything. For being who I am now. For being able to just breathe and have a place to sleep. For being able to enjoy all the plants and all the things I have. For being able to have relationships with people around me; I am so blessed with many friends. For being able to love again. For being able to be thankful.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Comment on $26,327

I applaud Jason Illian for the recent writing, The Price of Love. I am not a nazy either, but I've also been disturbed by the cost of wedding. I am one of those girls who didn't dream about my wedding dress since they were teenagers. I called it "wasting" money to just throwing out a party. The fact that it is a once-in-a-lifetime experience is not good enough to spend the money "just" for a party. There are too many things that happened only once in our lives. Even every second we have is once in a lifetime. Time never came back to us.

The fact that wedding is a once in a lifetime experience is not justifyable enough to throw out money to the garbage can, literally, when there are so many better things we could use it for.

I am currently tracking wedding cost of my friends and friends of friends, just to know. And surprisingly, my friend, who are now happily married for eight years, only spent $4,000 for a beautiful wedding. She arranged her own bouquet and centerpieces; found an inexpensive cake from a lady who run business from her home; buy a cheap dress and spend a little more in altering; rent a carriage instead of limousine. Her only expensive cost is photography (which is important) and food. I think she is so smart!!!!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Post Earthquake: the Future of a Batik Crafters' Village

Imogiri is the location of the Sultan cemetery, is also part of Bantul District, in Yogyakarta (Google Earth Yogyakarta and you'll know how far is the district from the City). Imogiri is also the center of Bantulan batik, which was the folk-batik genre, that has distinct characteristics compare to the royal Batik in Jogjakarta or the pesisir (coastline) areas in Northern Central Java. Batik crafters have been living in this area for years. Batik painting is a skill inherited from their parents, and parents of parents.There were about 900 groups of batik crafters in Imogiri, consist of both old and young people organized in groups of crafters; overall there were 4,500 crafters in Imogiri. Photo: courtesy of The May 27 earthquake had shaken Bantul district as well as Bantulan batik crafters’ life. Imogiri was among the hardest hit region where the city literally lost its capacity to function. Most of the residents are still mourning from losing their family members, or their house, and their life. But Jogja Heritage Society, with “Sekar Jagad”, Friends of Indonesian Batik, Yayasan Losari (Losari Foundation), Mayasari Indonesia, LPM, Yogyakarta Agricultural Institute, and individual donators, are preparing “Revitalization of Imogiri Batik Craft” program to help rebuild the city and the residents based on their most potential intangible heritage. This activity is part of the program called “Give Back Jogja Heritage”, an integrated conservation effort of tangible and intangible heritage by rebuilding the economy through utilizing their potential assets. This program is aimed to assist the crafters to be independent in the future. Several programs are: batik training and workshop to employ local crafters, daily batik market, and forming group batik painting. The overall Imogiri batik craft revitalization activities will be held in Pajimatan village, Girirejo, Imogiri District in Bantul, Yogyakarta. The key of these activities are to get the local community as involved as possible by utilizing “what they can do” or their most potential assets to help them to get back on their feet while simultaneously revitalizing the culture and the economy. This story is taken from Jogja Heritage Society, a coalition of friends of Jogja Heritage. If interested in helping, please contact Jogja Heritage Society:

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Jogja Update